10 Reasons You Are Awesome

Reasons You Are Awesome

Sometimes it is so hard to make it through the day. Sometimes we just get down on ourselves and we have a bad day, which makes it difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel and to see the bright side of any situation. If you are having one of those days or if you are feeling down about yourself, let me show you why you are awesome.

1. You are awesome because you made it.

You made it today. You woke up, got up and out of bed, got dressed, and went on your way to approach your day. You made the decision to face your struggles, your problems, and your hard times head on by saying yes to today and putting your game face on. You approached the difficulties you are going through and you decided to be strong and continue moving forward. You made it to today. You made it through all the rough waters that brought you to today. No matter what you are going through, let me tell you and promise you this today: You will be okay, you will be alright. If you are in some pain now, know that the bad times pass just as the good ones do. You are not alone in your struggle and the sun is rising for you. Stay strong and hopeful. You are awesome.

2. You are awesome because you are making it.

You are making it. Look how far you have come! You are achieving greatness and you are in the midst of achieving even more greatness. Take a second to look in your rearview mirror and remember where you were in your life yesterday, last week, last month, last year, last decade. Look at all of your growth. Look at the difficult things you have been through that led you to where you are today. You are getting things figured out. You are learning who you are, what you like, and who you want to be. Keep working hard, keep working on you, and you will get there. Success comes to those who have endurance and who persevere through the times when it is most challenging to do so. You are on your way. You are making it and you are on your way to fulfilling your dreams, your goals, and your every desire. Do not give up. You are doing great, kid. You are awesome.

3. You are awesome because you have survived.

Life is tough. Breakups, deaths, bad days, depression, mental illness, rejection, job layoffs, etc. etc. etc. Life can be very tough. Believe me, I have been through the thick of the pain. One of the most difficult moments I have made it through was lying on my bedroom floor in the middle of the night, my carpet tear soaked, making a promise to myself to not take my life away. And look where I am now. If I can do it, if I can survive, I have not a single doubt in my mind that you can too and that you will survive. Think about how much you have made it through. Think of all the bad days you have encountered, all the tears you endlessly cried, and all the times you couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. Now look to the future, a future that is bright with hopes and dreams and successes. You have survived a lot of pain. You could have given up, but you didn’t because you are awesome.

Reasons You Are Awesome

4. You are awesome because you are strong.

You are strong. Check back to number 3 where you thought of all the pain you have been through. Each one of those times was difficult. It was tough to get through. It was hurtful. It was heartbreaking. But you survived and you made it through because you found your strength. You realized how strong you are and how much you can truly do. In life, we often don’t see that which lies within ourselves. We don’t see the good things; we tend to only focus on the negatives. Change that: Focus on the positives and remember that you made it to those positives and good times in your life because you have so much good and strength within yourself. Realize now how strong you are, that you are stronger than you realize and that you are made with a heart of steel that cannot be ruined because you are awesome.

5. You are awesome because you are beautiful.

You are beautiful. Inside and out, you are so beautiful. You are gorgeous. There is no one like you. You are unique and individual in your own incredible way; how amazing is that! Truly think about that for a second: There are 7.3 billion people in the world and not a single one is like you. You are unique in your own way and that is a beautiful message to be embraced. Take a look at yourself in the mirror and discover how wonderfully you have been created. Your eyes, your nose, your mouth, your lips, your ears, your eyebrows, your jaw, your entire body has all been perfectly constructed just for you. There is no reason to be ashamed of who you are or what you look like; embrace it and enjoy it! Love yourself, your body, and all the beautiful things that make you who you are. You are you, not anyone else, nor is anyone else you. You are beautiful and the world around you thinks you are beautiful too. You are awesome.

6. You are awesome because you are here for a reason.

Place your hand on your heart. Do you feel that? Do you feel your heart beating? Good. (If your heart isn’t beating, I strongly encourage you to call EMS asap because that is a severe medical issue). Your heart is beating because you are here for a reason. There is a purpose for you being here in this very moment in time in the world; how exciting is that! It’s amazing to know that you have been given your live in this time in history for a specific reason. Embrace this opportunity and this wonderfully incredible blessing. The world is your oyster. Grab it by the horns. There is so much life to be lived, so much for you to discover, and so much good for you to do. You have already done so much good and are still doing so much good to this day, now just keep going. Go out and make a positive difference with the life you have been given because you are awesome.

7. You are awesome because you have purpose.

Your heart is beating because you have a purpose. It can be overwhelming at times and frustrating not knowing what our purpose is in life. And if you are like me, when we lose sight of our purpose, it can really break us down. I remember a few years ago when I lost sight of my purpose. I was broken down and emotionally and mentally destroyed because I did not know who I was or what I was doing here. Take this chance right now to re-evaluate yourself to discover your purpose again and with each and every second of the day, work to achieve your purpose. Make it a goal each day to grow a little more and to take a step a little farther into achieving your purpose. And if you don’t know your purpose, go out and find it. It’s an exciting time. You are awesome.

Reasons You Are Awesome

8. You are awesome because you are needed.

When you comprehend that you are here on this planet for a reason and that you have a purpose in this life, you discover a very cool thing: You are needed. The world needs you. I need you. Your friends and family and loved ones need you. You need you. You have a beautiful light within you that you shine each and every day of your life. When you open yourself up to others and when you give what you can, your light shines brightly, brighter than the sun. Think of someone who know who shines brightly, someone who just makes your day better when you are around them. You are that person too! You have the same positive influence on those around you; remember that. You are the light someone needs today, so go out there and continue to shine. You are needed in this world because you are awesome. There is no one like you.

9. You are awesome because you are great.

You are great. You are doing great things. Whether you are a student, an employee, a parent, a partner, a child, or a friend, you matter to someone. You matter to me. You mean the world to someone and you fulfill a warm part of their heart that brings them happiness and eternal joy. Your greatness is contagious in a beautifully awesome way because you inspire those around you to be great within themselves, to do better and to do their best, and to be the role model that you are to them. When the tough times in life hit, it gets easy to get down ourselves which can lead us to forgetting how truly valuable and important and great we are. But look past that to see your true worthiness, that you are extremely worthy of greatness because you are great yourself. Never forget that you are great. You are awesome.

10. You are awesome because you just are.

You are just plain awesome, simple as that. There are no other words to describe the fact that you are just awesome. You are an incredible human being with so much good and great going for you. You have a very bright future ahead of you. You are beautiful, you are worth it, you are enough. No matter the messages the world sends, listen to your heart and listen to yourself and listen to those around you who know that you are someone amazing. Keep working hard and work harder than ever before. Keep chasing your dreams and the stars; they are ready for you. Keep being the shoulder for your friends and family to lean and cry on. They need you and they love you more than you could ever realize. You have a vital place within the world. Stand firm in your ground and in yourself. Never give up. You are awesome.

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