Disturbing Street Sculptures or Creative Public Art

Artwork is everywhere, down the block, by the grocery store, when you’re walking your dog, etc. It’s in many forms whether it be Vandalism, posters, or sculptures. Sometimes we understand it, we see the beauty and effort in the piece. Other times it just makes us laugh. In the next 22 slides we will be looking at the oddest and funnier sculptures found all over the world, and who knows one of these sculptures might just be right under your nose!

Yoga Pose?

Is it a yoga pose or is her hair stuck?

odd Sculpture 1_1000x
Instagram / tirabeques

This sculpture may seem cool but after a closer look you really have to wonder what went on in the artist’s mind. Because as it seems now, comfort was the least of their worries!


Something off the Matrix?
odd Sculpture 2_1000x
Instagram / ashbyartist

Maybe a superhero fight gone wrong? We cannot begin to understand what happened here. Of course never judge a book by it’s cover, who knows, maybe this is just a natural oversized rubik’s cube!

Face in the wall

What came first the sculpture or the building?
odd Sculpture 3_1000x
Instagram / myri_fl

What came first? The chicken or the egg. Or in this case the sculpture or the building. It seems to me here that someone didn’t want to move peeping tom after the contract for the building was signed. I wonder though, is there a face on the other side of that wall?

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