A Group of 9 Women Offered Random Acts of Kindness for 3 Decades and Kept it A Secret


Some people are likely to tell everyone about what they did after offering a meal or gift to another person. You might be surprised that it is not always the case with other people. A group of nine women who grew up together once decided to help other people. They have been doing random acts of kindness for close to 30 years and still manage to keep it a secret. These days, you will find them waking up at around 4 am and start preparing cookies or pastries to be delivered later on throughout the day. The cookies are meant to help those people who cannot even afford a meal each day. The delivery guy is always happy to have the cookies and other stuff delivered without really knowing the real intentions of these women.

Keeping the Random Acts of Kindness Secret

These women are all organized with roles such as who will sift the flour, whip the eggs and other chores needed around the kitchen. The eldest of them is always in charge even when they change what they cook for the day. The best part is that not even their husbands actually know what they are doing so early in the morning. Before anyone knows what they are up to, they disappear back to their normal life and routine.
Inspired to Make Random Acts of Kindness

For those that do know, the whole idea of how it came about is extraordinary. Pearl, the oldest one, is credited for coming up with the idea. This happened when the 9 women met up for a card game. They had been inspired by MawMaw Ruth, the grandmother that raised four of the 9 women. She would read the newspaper and send some cookies home to the family of the deceased as a way of expressing condolences. The whole idea was to put a smile on the faces of many people who had just lost their loved ones.

keep Up the Spirit of Grandmother

At first they had some weird thoughts about what they could do to keep up the spirit of their grandmother who had just passed. One of the women had suggested at first that they start doing laundry for other people. Not many were in favor of that idea, so they embarked on a brainstorming journey. For a while, they decided to set aside $400 a month while still thinking about how to keep up the spirit of random kindness. Still their husbands were not noticing what they did exactly.

Really Wanted to Help

These 9 women really wanted to help people, so eavesdropping was the best way to do. The eavesdropping was all in good intentions. They ended up in local beauty shops or grocery stores to listen what people had on their mind. If they heard that a widow could no longer afford to pay bills, they could come in and settle her utility bill and buy a few new clothes for the kids. They would come up with ingenious ways to make and save money that would be used in helping other people.

30 Years Later

They continued with their common random acts of kindness to different families until 30 years later, one of the husbands discovered something. Mary Ellen’s husband discovered that their car was doing extra mileage and large amounts of money had been withdrawn from their savings account. The obvious reaction for the husband would be to get upset. The only way to get out of the mess was to tell the husband the whole truth. This meant that the other eight would have to do the same. Once their secret was revealed, even Mary Ellen’s husband understood why she had to use the money in their savings account. You can all be like these women, who have helped many people through their lives without credit and who managed to stay humble. That is the whole beauty of giving back to the society.

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