Harry’s Meghan makeover: Megan Merkel forces Prince Harry to diet

How the prince has dropped his bachelor diet and cigarettes, swapped the army gym for the yoga mat and is sporting a new slimline and metrosexual look ahead of the big day

הזוג המלכותי! הנסיך הארי ומייגן מרקל (צילום: Gettyimages)

Three weeks before the wedding in question, the actress and duchess of the future forces her fiance, Prince Harry, to start a strict diet that includes quinoa, kale and minimum meat. Here are the results
The royal wedding, you know, the one we are waiting for more than we are waiting for our wedding, is approaching giant steps. In less than a month, on May 19, Prince Harry (33) and his fiancee, ex-actress and future duchess, Megan Merkel (36), will be married at George’s Church in Windsor Castle. And while we sit in front of the screen watching a wedding with a huge popcorn bowl and a bunch of sweet snacks, there is someone who will present a new, hot, bellyless piece. You guessed it, the redhead prince, who is now under a strict diet controlled by Merkel.

להתראות כרס, שלום בטן שטוחה (AP , Gettyimages)

“Prince Harry has gone down more than three pounds,” a close associate told the Daily Mail, adding: “Megan has completely changed Harry’s dietary habits, and does not allow him to eat processed foods or junk food and he has gone to eat quinoa and kale.” Okay, we hope the new menu does not hurt the prince in the mood, because we are suddenly a little sad here in the section.

מתכוננים לחתונה (צילום: Gettyimages)

By the way, if you thought the nutritional change flowing to the prince easily then probably not. The guy is an avid junkie, crazy about pizzas and enjoys grabbing a good hamburger whenever possible. But what to do, that’s how it is when you marry a freak for a proper diet, one that makes sure to do yoga, Pilates and is careful to eat only healthy and cooked food. Well, Harry, if that’s comforting you-Merkel had said in the past that she occasionally sinned to eat chips, ice cream or drink wine. There is nothing to expect.

פיצה? הצחקת אותי! (צילום: Gettyimages)

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