Life Gives You Many Second Chances, Accept Them!


When I was a small boy, studying in first grade, I would score good marks and make my parents feel proud for my performance at my school. I loved to read and write. Knowing I would excel in every test that I attempted. I was the apple of my teacher’s eye. Soon, I was in the fifth grade and studies got tougher. I studied harder to score good grades beacuase I wanted my parents to be happy and feel proud of me. I struggled with every test, yet somehow still managed to get good grades. But science was a very tough subject and I had to study really hard to get good grades and impress my parents. I never wanted to let them down with my low score. That day, I had to take a science test and I wasn’t very well prepared for it, despite my hard efforts. So what I did was, I wrote several answers on the desk top lightly with a pencil. I was nervous as the teacher was about to hand out the questionnaire to us. I wanted to score good grades but I din’t want to cheat either.


School Test

It was nearly my turn to get the questionnaire and suddenly the fire alarm broke. It was just by mistake. Soon we were standing in the corridor to clear the signal. I was waiting under the happy sunlight and soon I realized that I was a fool. A strong feeling that I can be sure that my mom and dad would always love me and be proud of me, whatever grades I scored. I realized that these grades won’t really impress them if I had to cheat for a good mark. Thank God for giving me a second chance.

Soon we were called back to our desks, but before that I asked the teacher if I could drink some water. She said yes, I can. I took some water to my desk and wiped away all the answers I wrote. What a relieve I felt!. I peacefully gave my test and put in my best efforts. I wasn’t guilty at all. Well, I don’t really know how much I scored in that test, but yes, that day had left a permanent mark on my heart, the mark of second chances that I was able to change my mind, a chance to free myself from the guilt, a chance to feel at peace.

What Are Second Chances All About?

God definitely gave me a second chance that day and of course, not the last. God has given me second, third, fourth and many more chances than I deserve. No matter how many mistakes I have made, he has always been patient and loving towards me. Second chances are like his blessings leading me in the right direction of my life and today those second chances have helped me to be the person that I am today.


God gives you second chances.

God gives second chances to everyone he has created. The only thing is, we must understand our mistakes and readily take those chances for a peaceful, happy and guilt-free mind. You should pray God to forgive you and start over again. There is always something good in everyone. So reveal that goodness in you and live life free from fear and guilt. Take the second chances he offers and live life positively to make the most of it. Every morning you awake is a new chance, a new life, a new beginning. Love it, embrace it, enjoy it and live it beautifully, just like God wants you to.


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