Prayer for Love, Acceptance and Patience


What is a prayer? A prayer is a way to connect to God. Till today, I have said many prayers with a hope that most would be answered. But not all of them are. When I was a little boy, I lost my loving dog, Hunny, and I prayed to God that I get my pet back. But I never got her back. When I was in college, I prayed to become among the top surgeons in the field, but I never knew what God had planned for me. When I was about to complete my college, I prayed to attain all the successes of life and to enjoy the fame and status. Now I am in my late forties and I am still waiting for that fame and success.

Prayer for Love

Like any other person, I wished that I enjoyed a happy married life. I prayed to God to bless me with a beautiful, loving wife and happy and healthy children. I got married and God blessed me with two sons.


Prayer for a Happy Family

My wife is not that that beautiful nor loving and neither of my kids are healthy. One is autistic and the other is mentally handicapped. Though they are happy with the way they live, they struggle day by day. I still pray to God regularly to heal them and help them lead a normal life. Instead, I started realizing that he used my prayers to teach me love, to accept the way life is, and granted me the patience to see things change. He helped me to heal my soul instead.

Answer Our Prayers

My unanswered prayers definitely taught me a lot of things. Mostly we pray for things that we want, and not what we need most. There is a fine line between what we want and what we need. We can’t live without our needs, but we can definitely walk through our life comfortably without getting what we want. Every person comes into this world with their fair share of problems, muddles through it and eventually tries to find his or her purpose in life. We connect to countless people during this journey while God keeps a watch on how far we have come and where we are heading. He is our mentor, he guides us through our difficulties and leads us towards the path of success. He gives us what is good for us, and not what we feel is good for us, for he knows better. He answers our prayers by strengthening our souls and improving our level of acceptance at every stage of life.

Prayers Can change Your Life.

When I lost my dog, Hunny, I opened my loving heart to many other dogs. I saw Hunny in each one of those dogs and found the same loving quality in all of them. I became stronger and could overcome the pain of losing my parents rather easily. It was difficult in the beginning, but I could clearly understand the unspoken message that every living creature created by God has to leave. Had I not lost Hunny, it would have been more difficult for me to deal with the death of people who meant most in my life. Being a surgeon and attaining such a high level of prestige would have nurtured my ego. My kindness would have shrunk and my ego would have grown. I thank God for not making me the professional I wanted to be, as I now know, he wanted me to be a humble person. Attaining fame, riches and successes wasn’t acceptable to God either. I wouldn’t have realized the power and love of God. Accepting my not so beautiful and loving wife was another lesson by God. She loved my children and beauty fades with age, I realized later. Despite autism, my kids were the world to me. They were the warmth in my heart. They taught me that love is a priceless irrespective of your inabilities or limitations.

Prayer Creates Miracles.

Now my prayers have changed too. Instead of asking God to reduce my burdens, I have asked him to give me stronger shoulders to bear the struggle without much hassle. I never forget these two prayers that are the strongest pillars of my life, “Thank you God for giving me a beautiful life” and “Help everyone to love and accept life as it comes.”

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Ruth Karasik

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