Special Wedding Cakes Takes Your Wedding to a Whole New Level


Geekiest cake ever!

Mario Wedding Cake by Eric, Flicker on CC license

Looks like Mario and peach are getting married in this very colourful wedding cake. Wonder what a level of this cake would be! Do you have to beat it to cut the cake?

Book worm

Woah! You’ve got some reading to do!
Instagram / sweetadvocate_dvo

This heavy looking cake won’t be a light read if this is everything the bride wants to groom to stand by! Oh boy he has a ton of work ahead of him.


Ladies and gents, the only way to make both groom and bride happy:
Instagram / deliciouslydecadent

Split everything right though the middle! White and black, yin and yang.  He gets soccer she gets a pretty dress. Finally both are happy.

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