The Story of The Truly Inspiring Burnt Toast


The story of the burnt toast is truly inspiring! When I was a little girl, I always saw my mother do all the household chores. Right from dawn to late night, I saw her working tirelessly just to keep us happy. We are a family of four; my younger brother, hardworking mom, my loving and caring dad and I. We are a happy family, even though my mom works so hard she doesn’t have enough free time.

Breakfast Dinner

At night, my mom usually used to serve us breakfast dinner. I remember one night, after a long day of hectic work, my mother served dad breakfast dinner as usual. She served him noodles, cheese, eggs, BURNT toast, juice and salad. But the toast was extremely burnt that night. I was just waiting to see dad’s reaction. I thought he would shout at her and leave the dinner table. But to my surprise, he picked the toast, looked at my mom, gave her the most pleasant smile and started a casual conversation with my brother and I. I saw him smearing butter generously on the toast, arranging egg slices, topping it with cheese and enjoying every bite of it with a sip of juice!

Burnt Toast

All confused, I left the table, and heard my mom apologize to my dad for the burnt toast she served him for dinner. What he said her will always remain in my heart. He said, “Darling, I just loved the burnt toast. It is good to eat burnt toast sometimes.” Later at night, when I went to kiss him goodnight, I couldn’t resist to ask him if he really liked eating burnt toast. He lovingly wrapped me in his arms and said, “Donna, your mom had worked tirelessly today and she actually needed rest, despite that she somehow managed to cook breakfast dinner for us. And sometimes eating burnt toast is a treat too! It doesn’t hurt to eat burnt toast. You realize the importance of a perfectly cooked dinner.” That day I was impressed by my dad’s words of kindness. That was true love!

Like Mother Like Daughter

It’s been years but I still remember the entire scene. And like any other day, today was just another tiring day. I returned home late and had to cook breakfast dinner for Jack. Surprisingly, I had everything in my fridge that I had decided to cook. I boiled the eggs, baked bacon with cheese and finally put the last two slices of bread in the toaster. I had a quick look at my important emails and replied to a few that were urgent. And suddenly I realized that I had left the bread slices in the toaster, as expected, it was all burnt!

Burnt Toast With Bacon

I served Jack the burnt toast with cheese bacon and boiled eggs. I was prepared to take harsh comments from Jack. I was definitely at fault. But to my surprise, I heard, “Thanks, it’s a lovely dinner.” I saw him enjoying every bite he had of the burnt toast along with bacon and egg. He further said, “Thank you so much for cooking, I know you had a hard day at your office. You are tired. Take a rest babe.” That very moment, I was taken years back when my mom and dad had that similar conversation about burnt toast.

Nobody’s Perfect

Actually what I learnt from this experience was, that a true relationship is more important than the small imperfections we all have. I am not a perfect cook or a homemaker, nor is Jack a perfect husband. It is just that we have accepted each other with the imperfections we both have. No man is perfect and if you accept the person with all his/her flaws, you will live the most successful life. It is not all about money, it’s about love, respect and care. Money can’t buy everything to make your life peaceful, but love, respect and care will definitely fill your life with peace and harmony. Though it might seem tough to pass through the rocky hurdles of life initially, remember the view is always beautiful from a higher point.

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