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Three Individuals Realize What is Important and Make a Difference

Many people think that money makes the world go around. While it does support our needs and even our wants, money isn’t everything. Working and living just to make money is a dangerous way to live and can turn the most giving person into a greed monster. The same philosophy applies to debt as well. Having thousands and thousands of dollars in debt is no way to live. Finding a financial balance in your life will make your life easier and much more pleasant, just as these living examples have figured out.

Lots of Money, or Life Experiences?

If you could chose, would you have lots of money, or life experiences instead? The tea sellers Vijayan and his lovely wife Mohana have chosen the latter of the two. Residing in in India, the couples make their living by selling tea out of their tea stall. Selling tea in India, it is their one and only source of income, and they only make up to a few dollars a day. Every three years or so, they pay off all their loans and borrowed money and have a little saved; they travel to another destination of their choosing.

One Life to Live

Mohana loves the trips, as she had never even been outside her home town until she married Vijayan. They say that their friends and family are not supportive, saying that their hard earned money, and the little that they do earn, could be put to much better use, but Vijayan and Mohana don’t listen and do not agree. To them, seeing this beautiful world and exploring what is out there beyond what they know is one of the most treasured opportunities they could ever have. Vijayan says that we all only have one life to live, and time will not wait for you. If money is all you have, then you are missing out on grand opportunities.

Philosophy of Experiencing Life

Mohana and Vijayan offer precious insight to their philosophy of experiencing life. The first insight is that people may call you crazy, but in reality it is your life to live. If you want to experience the world like Mohana and Vijayan, who spend all their money to do so, than you will not be disappointed.
The second insight the tea sellers offer is that you do not have to be rich to travel. They make only a few dollars a day, and with good debt management and some savings, they can still continue their exploration and trips. Having all the money in the world will allow you to travel, but many do it and they live under the poverty line as well. It is possible, and Vijayan and Mohana make it possible.


While making amends for dreams of travel and exploration, the other end of this spectrum is something to address too. Drowning in debt will strangle your opportunities of travel or limit your opportunities when they do arise. College students especially make begin their life with thousands in student loan debt, and one former student named Jeremy Rossman has provided a way out.

Student debt can be so massive that students prolong buying their first home, among other restrictions. Jeremy has watched the average student loan debt climb, going from $33,000 last year to $35,000 in 2015. Jeremy dropped out of MIT after discouraged with the out-of-date programs. Instead of throwing in the towel, Jeremy and another student t decided to start their own venture to help others and offer another option to avoid years of debt.


Find a Job and Then Pay for School

Jeremy and Ashu founded The Make School, a college-type- replacement opportunity. Instead of studying for tests, the student is given projects that are relevant to their work. Instead of racking up thousands of dollars in loans and debt, a debt-free option is offered for when the student is charged only once they find a job after graduation. Tools and programs are offered to the students that are in agreement with the current hiring trends. Also offered are classes on nutrition, exercise, etc. to help you completely succeed in your new professional life.
Some parents and students disagree with the new method. The traditional method of attending a well-known or prestigious university still has its pull to some. Jeremy argues that they aren’t getting hired based on what university they go to, but that companies such as LinkedIn are being used to recruit new hires. They are not searching for a new employee based on a certain university, but on what skills and experience you have to offer.
Jeremy’s ideas based on teaching skills you need to get hired and to be successful in your professional life have been well received by people considering college. The idea of being able to find a job and then pay for school is very appealing, as most students graduate and flood the market, all searching to put their degree to use and to start paying down their student debt. Jeremy and The Make School offer students a way out, as it gives them the upper hand in starting their professional career.

Take Action

Jeremy, Mohana, and Vijayan have observed the environment around them and have decided to take action on how they live their life. In doing so, they have opened doorways to other ideals and methods on what are important in this life, and how to obtain your goals. Anything is possible with hard work, effort, and a new idea. Mohana and Vijayan realize that when this life ends, you can’t take your money with you, and that experiencing the world through travel is worth far more. Jeremy understands that starting your life in struggling massive debt is no way to start at all. He gives student actual skills and training on what hiring officials are looking for, and waits until you land your new job until paying debt, the opposite perspective to the traditional methods of attending big-name universities. These three have discovered what is important to them, and have shared their stories to inspire and provide the same inspiration to others. Start your life without debt, or travel the world if you so desire. Jeremy, Mohana, and Vijayan are doing just that.

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