Ways to Drink More Water Everyday


Water is arguably one of the best medicines there is for the body. Without it, we’d hardly be able to survive for a week while, on the other hand, with it, we can solve a lot of health issues and encourage a certain type of fluidity and constant movement to the body. Water is like the oil for the gears that make our bodies work.

Specifically, the recommended guideline of drinking half of your body weight in ounces of water (e.g. if you weigh 150 pounds, it’s recommended to drink 75 ounces of water a day) will alleviate and enhance many bodily functions such as losing weight, preventing cancer, promoting clearer thinking, decreasing joint pain, preventing headaches, flushing out toxins, and much more.

Drinking Water To Maintain Our Body

To maintain our body at its normal state, prevent getting sick, or  heal ourselves from a sickness, drinking water is probably one of the first things we should be doing before reaching for healing foods or over-the-counter drugs. With so many health benefits, it’s an easy, safe, and painless way to maintain and care for our health passively and actively.

However, drinking eight cups of water a day, a general guideline that varies based on your personal weight as noted above, isn’t always easy to do. Maybe you’re so busy hunched over your desk at work all day that you forget to take a break to get a cup of water or perhaps you are consuming other beverages such as coffee and tea so often that you forget that those drinks are not necessarily a replacement for water.

We all have those days where the hours fly by, and we haven’t touched a glass of water, but because it’s such a vital component to our bodies, we want to help you with tips, tricks, and different ways to drink more water everyday.

Drink a glass of water as soon as you wake up.

Just as turning off your alarm or getting dressed for work is part of your routine, drinking water can be too. You can go as far as having a glass of water ready on your nightstand to drink as soon as you wake up while you’re still in bed.

Not only does water rehydrate the water you lost overnight during your sleep, but it’ll invigorate you in the morning and boost your energy to give you a head start on the day. This is because water helps transport oxygen and nutrients around your body, which can give you energy and help you be more alert.

Think of it as your new, satisfying morning ritual.

Get a water bottle that you’ll love drinking from and carrying around.

There’s nothing scientific about this tip. If you have a water bottle that you love drinking from and carry around, you’ll be more inclined to drink from it, and perhaps, even grow attached to it creating a positive cycle of staying hydrated.

Also, are you ever thirsty when you’re out but don’t want to buy a plastic water bottle at a store nearby either because you don’t want to waste money on something disposable or care about the environment? Your new water bottle will help you avoid the idea of hydrating yourself at the cost of the environment. You can now be hydrated, thrifty, and green at the same time!


Keep water nearby at all times.

If you’re that type of person who goes into work and just can’t get away from your desk, then keep water at your desk at all times either with a reusable water bottle or even plastic cups you can get at the water cooler. As soon as you get into your work space, load up the water bottle or bring some cups of water to your next. With water so close to you at all times, it’ll be much easier to remember to drink water without having to leave your desk.

Use an app to keep track of how much water you drink.

There’s an app for about everything nowadays including helping you drink more water. If you’re the techie type who loves using apps to manage your personal life or need some type of reminder technique, try using apps like Waterlogged or Daily Water Free. These apps help you track how much water you drank and also can remind you to drink more if you’re not meeting your daily intake.

Drink tea or coffee.

Although tea and coffee is no substitute for water, it can definitely help you drink more especially on a cool, winter morning when you need a soothing drink to warm the body up. If your purpose for drinking tea or coffee in order to get more water, opt for decaf tea or coffee as caffeinated drinks can actually dehydrate you further.


Make it fruity.

If you’re not really a fan of water because it has no taste, then dress it up so it appeals to your tastebuds. Add lemon, lime, mint, cucumber, berries or any other fruits, vegetables, or herbs that you find tasty to add to the water. In addition to getting hydrated, the fruits, vegetables, or herbs will add additional benefits to your body with the vitamins and antioxidants they contain.

If you want to always make sure to have some flavored water on hand, fill up a whole pitcher of water with your desired flavor, and leave it in the fridge so it’s always available whenever you’re thirsty.

Eat more fruits and vegetables.

Fruits and vegetables have a ton of water and can help you staying hydrated without even drinking a glass of water. For example, a zucchini has an astonishing 95% water weight, a watermelon has 92% water weight, and an apple has 84% water weight. Perhaps that, along with its nutrients and vitamins, is why we say, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”

Try to include fruits and vegetables as part of each meal or as a snack to have an additional way to consume water and hydrate.

Have a glass of water with every drink while you’re out.

Ever experience a nasty hangover after a night of drinking? Well, water can help with the dehydration that occurs with drinking alcohol.

As a tip, try to drink a glass of water with every beer or glass of wine you have. Because you’re already out drinking, this may be one of the easier ways to drink more water. Not only will your body thank you for staying hydrated, but your morning will run a lot smoother too.

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