What Does The Semicolon Tattoo Mean?


The semicolon tattoo is not what you get whenever you go drinking with your friends. The tattoo is more than just symbolic. To some people it gives them a reason to keep going even when the situation they are facing is quite hard. It is common to find some people regretting why they get a certain type of tattoo in the first place. This might prompt them to have them removed because it reminds them of a bad memory. The semicolon tattoo is not something you get only to remove later. It offers deeper symbolism rather than just being a punctuation mark as most people think.

When Did Semicolon Tattoo Started?

Amy Bleuel started the use of the semicolon tattoo back in 2013 when she lost her father to suicide. She felt it was time to honor her father for what he had been to her throughout her life. After realizing that many people would love to do the same, she decided to launch “Project Semicolon” that saw her gain fame for using the semicolon symbol. The semicolon symbol is often associated with people who are struggling with addiction, self-injury, affected by suicide cases and depression, but still have the will to keep going.

Semicolon Tattoo Concept

The whole concept of having project semicolon is to show people that it is not the end, but it is a way of finding a new beginning and accepting who you are. The symbolism of a semicolon in a sentence is that the author sometimes could have chosen to end a sentence, but with the use of a semicolon, the sentence keeps on going. The same relationship is given to a person who is almost about to give up on life and what it has to offer. All you need is a semicolon in life that gives you a chance to go on with your life.

Semicolon Tattoo Is a Worldwide Phenomenon

Something that started small has now grown into a phenomenon worldwide. It is no longer about just honoring one parent, but millions of other people that lost their loved ones simply because they gave up on life. For the last two years now, many people have embraced the idea of using the semicolon for different cases. With the support of musicians, more people got to know the symbolism of using the semicolon tattoo. The same wave has been propelled through the use of social media such as Facebook, Twitter and many others. People are coming together to embrace a new idea that helps them go through all those difficult times in life.

Self Help Groups

If you are going through a tough time in life, you need all the help around you to get past such a situation. This is why we commonly have the self-help groups formed by people who are willing to help other people get through hard situations. The founders of such groups are also to have experience that made them almost give up on life, but someone saved them. By using such groups, it is easy to help other people realize that life can be changed from a negative perspective into something great.

Semicolon Tattoo Project

The project semicolon is like that self-help group you attend at home. With this project, Amy intended to help people by instilling hope in them and create an avenue for them to talk about what they go through in life. Most of the time people would create a tattoo with a message and a semicolon at the end. The image of the tattoo would be saved on the project semicolon website. This was meant to show other people going through the same tough situations that life can be turned around into something better.

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